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About James Flex Lewis in this Month's Flex Magazine:

We could focus on his calves, quads, or hams—and he has innovative ideas about training all of them. But leg size and shape come so easily to Flex Lewis he was rolling on monster truck wheels when he was still an unknown teen in Wales. Today, he also sports two of the world’s best forearms—but how much insight can he provide into wrist curls when he never does them? His lower arms, like his lower legs, seem to grow merely via close proximity to iron. Chest, though, is a different matter entirely. For years, even after Lewis turned pro, no matter how many presses and fl yes he did, his pecs refused to budge. His chest was stuck in neutral while the rest of him was in overdrive.

But that changed over the last year. When he won the 2012 Olympia 212 Showdown, the Welsh Dragon’s pecs were markedly thicker than they had been in the past. Thus it’s particularly instructive to learn the factors that make Flex Lewis’ chest workouts unique. Because pec growth has always been a struggle for him, he’s focused on that area more than any other body part, always exploring new approaches for upping intensity, expanding his mind-to-muscle connection, and hitting a target that has proven elusive but now is locked in his sights.

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