“Monday Night Muscle” hosts Shawn Ray and Bob Cicherillo are both longtime players in the sport of bodybuilding. Their connections go back to the 1970’s as fans and with their own careers in the mid ‘80s. Over the course of their decades in the sport, they have seen many changes, including with how information has been shared. The co-hosts spent time on the latest episode discussing the evolution of bodybuilding media as well as if there was hope to see them return in the future.

Cicherillo on the Magazines from the Past

“There were 15 different kinds of magazines, and all of the anticipation for getting those magazines was because there was no internet in those days. So the only way to get the newest information and, you know, contact the stars and get their courses out there (like) arms, shoulders, above the rest, from Rick Wayne, all those guys, Arnold, everybody had an ad out there. And of course, the contest news, it was all in the magazine.”

Ray on How Magazines Improved His Ability to Communicate with the Viewers on Video

“I think our point of reference, though, is the magazines. So while we’re able to articulate it on video, when I think of where I’m coming from, I think of Bill Dobbins, who was great with the camera and the pen. (You) captured the certain photography that you wanted to capture, then write out the stories around that. So pretty much everything I talk about comes from the education that we got in the magazines and the bodybuilding books.”

Cicherillo on the Significance of Being on a Cover

“Hypothetically, if we had FLEX magazine back, either way, I don’t care if it’s paper or if it became a monthly digital [version], but it looked like a magazine. That’s got credibility. That had weight. If you were on the cover of FLEX back in the day or Muscle & Fitness even more because it had a broader audience base, that was huge!”

Ray on Chasing Likes Versus Seeking Content

“I don’t know why or how we got to that place where it’s about likes or follows. For me it’s always been about substance and content. I mean, I want to follow someone because they’re putting out similar content and energy that draws me to it. When I went to the magazine, I was buying FLEX Magazine, I was getting Muscle & Fitness for what was inside, the content. It meant something, it was applicable to my life, and it was driving me to want to become a better athlete.”

Among the other topics the co-hosts cover are the best writers, photographers, opinions about social media, and more. Fans old and new will enjoy this episode, which can be seen on the Digital Muscle YouTube channel. This along with every episode of “MNM” airs every Monday at 6 p.m. EST

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