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Pick up the April Edition of Flex Magazine, and all the answers can be found in the issue.  Answer these questions and send in your answers to

  1. zackkhanflexapr2014cvrWhats the most Zack Khan has ever dumbell curled and for how many reps?
  2. What Pro is the only winner of the Armed Forces Championships to compete in the IFBB Pro League.
  3. How many gallons of water does Brian Shaw drink a day?
  4. What exercise does Phil Heath always start off with when working chest?
  5. How much does Dennis James predict Ramy will weigh at the New York Pro this year?
  6. How many plates of food does Max Charles eat a day?
  7. What bodybuilder took off 12 years and returned to win the Olympia?

The winner will receive a free Ninja Ultima High Speed Blender!