Joe Weider’s Pro World Bodybuilding Championships set for 2009

by Allan Donnelly

October 1, 2008


The Olympia is coming to Europe. Well, not exactly – but most of next year’s Olympians will be, when American Media, Inc. and the IFBB host Joe Weider’s Pro World Bodybuilding Championships in Berlin, Germany. The contest will take place one week after the 2009 Olympia on Saturday, October 3 and Sunday, October 4 at Messe Hall in Berlin.

Most of the top names – Dexter Jackson, Jay Cutler, Victor Martinez, Phil Heath and Dennis Wolf – are expected to compete, with one major addition … eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman is seriously considering making his return to competitive bodybuilding at the Pro World Bodybuilding Championships.

“I’ve always said I was gonna do some European shows,” Coleman said. “The only difference between saying you’re gonna do something and doing something is actually doing something.”

While we have no idea what that means, we’ll take it as a definite maybe that we will see the Big Nasty competing in Germany. Upon hearing of Coleman’s comments, two-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler immediately threw his name in the ring.

“If Coleman’s doing it, I’m definitely doing it,” Cutler said. “I want to battle one more time.”

Coleman laughed upon hearing Cutler’s comments and the possibility of rekindling the greatest rivalry in bodybuilding history. “For old time’s sake,” Coleman said. “Yeah. That would be fun.”

The two-day contest will be a mini-Olympia Weekend – European style – and will feature an international bikini contest, a Battle of the Biceps, and a pro qualifying event on Saturday, where the overall winner will qualify to compete in the Pro World Bodybuilding Championships on Sunday, joining the likes of three current and former Mr. Olympias in Jackson, Cutler and Coleman.

Stay tuned for more information on Joe Weider’s Pro World Bodybuilding Championships and for Coleman’s return to the IFBB.