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The new 212 division gives bodybuilders who were in the previous 202 weight class a chance to make improvements and grow into a new weight class. One competitor that is ready to showcase improvements onstage is IFBB Pro Charles Dixon of South Carolina. After turning pro at the 2007 NPC Nationals in the light-heavyweight division Dixon explains that his start in bodybuilding came, went and came again in 2002.

“I trained for about 8 months for a show and got fourth place. I quit that day,” he said. But after some food and persuasion from friends, he changed his mind and the payoff was immediate.

“I got first in the middleweight division,” he said. Fast-forward to 2006 at the USA Bodybuilding Championships Dixon found a low placing again only to do what he did at his first show in 2002, he bounced back and got first place and his pro card at the Nationals.

One on one with <a class=Charles Dixon – Flex Magazine SPotlight” src=”” style=”width: 390px; height: 585px; float: right;” /Dixon has been up and down in placing over the years. His highest placing has been fourth at the 2008 New York Pro 202 and fourth in the 2009 New York Pro; both placings qualified him for the 202 Showdown at the Mr. Olympia. Dixon things better placements will come if he competes more than once or twice per year.

“A few more people have their names out there and I don’t compete as often,” he said.

Recently Dixon competed in the 2011 Iowa Pro 212 Bodybuilding Championships and netted sixth place but explained things went wrong during his prep and he didn’t show the improvements he made to his physique.

“I counted my weeks wrong and I overdid cardio to play catch up. I made bone head moves that didn’t work,” he said. Dixon lamented that the Iowa Pro was one of the worst shows of his career. So Charles Dixon went back to what he knows best and went back to the basics.

“I tried to put too much “finesse” into my program and I kind of got away from the power moves,” he said. Since Iowa, Dixon has went back to squats and deadlifts and kept his calories high. Reps in his workouts go from 6-12 and he normally does four, but has dropped it to three because of the increased poundage he’s using.

“My body responds to pretty much anything, “ he said.

Dixon is determined to show his best package and is getting ready for the late season shows. He said that he is getting ready for the Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships and the Dallas Europa. Dixon said that he didn’t want to have class interfere with his contest prep (Dixon is currently in real estate school).

Dixon said that his workouts stay fueled by training with IFBB Pro Monique Jones and his chiropractor. He said both of his partners push him to new levels in his training.

“Me and Monique both compete and both want to win shows and my chiropractor is 275 lbs and pushes me to go heavier than I normally would. Its good for me to have both of them as partners,” he said. In addition to his training partners Dixon is very thankful to his support system of his parents, brother and his son. He also leaves some very “matter-of fact” words.

“I will be at the Olympia this year.” he said.