During a special episode of bodybuilding radio, some of the bodybuilding community’s most celebrated champions paid a visit to “Pro Bodybuilding Weekly” for a salute to Reg Park, who passed away on November 22 after an eight month battle with skin cancer.

Park was born on June 7, 1928 in Yorkshire England, and began bodybuilding at the age of 16. Hosts Dan Solomon and Bob Cicherillo rolled out the red carpet for former Olympia champions Frank Zane and Chris Dickerson as part of an emotional tribute to the legendary Mr. Universe and Hercules star. The show also included an encore presentation of Reg’s memorable visit to PBW just 12 weeks earlier and some recorded comments by Governor Schwarzenegger. As bodybuilding fans mourn the passing of an icon, we invite you to this exclusive radio event. Bodybuilding’s most popular multi-media production is now available right here on Flexonline.

The Park family respectfully asks family, friends and fans to please post all messages via Reg’s Guestbook on www.regpark.com