The word “massive” has various synonyms—big, colossal, enormous, and gigantic being just a few. And now, there’s yet a new entry: Roelly Winklaar.

A video of the 42-year-old bodybuilder looking like a walking barn has been making the rounds on Instagram, and everyone—including Kai Greene—has been left speechless.

See for yourself:

Winklaar, aka The Beast, has been been impressively big for a long time now, but this has to be the largest he’s ever been. He’s going to be a sight to behold when he steps on stage at the Olympia in just under six weeks.

And here’s a scary thought: this video, originally posted by Winklaar’s coach, Ahmad Askar, only gives us a preview of his overall physique. We don’t get to see what his back or legs look like in the clip, but odds are that they’re just as monstrous.

The question leading up to the Olympia will be whether Winklaar went too big. After all, we’ve seen competitors with more muscle lose out to smaller competitors with better conditioning.

But regardless of what the judges will think of the physique that Winklaar brings to Vegas in September, it seems that he’s off to a great start to repeat as the People’s Champ.

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