You never know who’s going to stop by the Weider Headquarters. On Friday Gunter Schlierkamp and Kim Lyons unexpectedly dropped in to the Woodland Hills offices and saved a select few FLEX employees from slaving over their keyboards, albeit for a short while.

The couple, who will be married this spring, had plenty to say about their upcoming plans. Look for those in an upcoming issue of our brother publication, Muscle & Fitness.

Lyons, who just wrapped up her first season as a trainer on NBC’s reality-show The Biggest Loser, informed us that she has re-signed with the show is contracted to appear as one of the show’s trainers for the next 12 seasons.

She recently signed a book deal with Sterling Publications. The book is expected to be released in 2008.
“It’s going to be a book that’s motivational,” Lyons said. “It will focus on nutrition and training information, along with my trademark circuit workouts.”

Schlierkamp informed us that he is indeed stepping away from the bodybuilding stage to explore other opportunities, but is leaving the door open for a return to competition in 2008.

We spoke to Gunter about the upcoming Arnold Classic, and managed to pry a few predictions out of the big guy. Here’s what he had to say:

ON THE FAVORITES: “Victor Martinez, I think he’ll be in the top 3 if he puts it together. Dexter I think will put it together because he always comes in condition, so I think he will be in the top 3 also. And then of course, Gustavo Baddell, if he’s in shape, I would say top 3 too. Toney Freeman, he has the potential but then again, you know – I see him probably in the top five.”

ON Phil Heath: “Phil Heath I think has potential for top 5, but at this point it’s hard to say. When he turned pro already he to me looked pretty filled out and for his body type he looked e pretty close to a pro. He doesn’t need to put that much more size on. And I think he definitely has the potential if he dials it in right to be in the top five.

ON Branch Warren: “Branch Warren, I’m not a big fan really of his physique. If I look at the other guys I just named – I think if they all come in shape – I think he will have a hard time.

ON MARCUS RUHL: “Marcus I don’t see because I don’t think he’s . . . he needs to come in and improve his back. From the front – I give him that. He’s huge, and he’s big, but he seems to not dial it in from the back. I never saw him really in condition when he turns around. I never have.”

ON THE WINNER: “That is hard to say who’s going to win. I think it will be Dexter – he will be favored. I’m not saying he’ll win in this lineup, but probably Dexter, Victor and Gustavo are the top 3.”