Human beings are born with certain innate traits. For example, they have the capacity to learn a language. Not any specific language, but language in general. What language or languages we acquire as children depends on our environment.

We are also born with the ability to recognize beauty. Again, our aesthetic standards vary a great deal depending on our life experiences. Where we were born and grew up, the cultures we were exposed to, and even our degree and type of education.

Facial beauty is important in human society. The ability to recognize faces requires a very complex process in the brain, and most animals lack this ability. But facial beauty is so important to people that we often turn highly beautiful people into major celebrities based on almost nothing else but their aesthetics. The movie industry recognizes there is a certain kind of very symmetrical face that is seen as beautiful to every culture on every continent.

Similarly, bodybuilding competition has always had an important aesthetic element. Facial beauty has never been a specific judging criteria, but ever since the days of Steve Reeves it’s been clear that being good-looking has always been an advantage. The aesthetic package of a great physique and a beautiful face can be the making of a major champion.

The idea of women with a lot of beautiful muscle is still so new that some have problems recognizing facial beauty among these females. But among the many thousands of women engaged in some kind of muscle competition or working as fitness models, there are many whose facial beauty is obvious and undeniable. Many have been signed by sponsors and used in advertising campaigns or featured on magazine covers. A few have been given movie roles — but not enough of them, considering we’re in an age that celebrates fitness and the fit body.

I began photographing fit and fabulous females back in the 1970s, and I have a huge number of these photos in my library. Here are photos of a few — just a few — of these fit, fabulous and beautiful fit women. There are thousands more out there, all around the world, waiting to be discovered and celebrated.

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The 50 Best Fitness Influencers on Instagram

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