Powerhouse Caleb Mutombo is only 3ft 7in tall, and may not fit the stereotype of a typical bodybuilder, but he has taken the bodybuilding world by storm.

According to the Daily Mail, the 19-year old South African began lifting and weight training at home when he was 12, lifting anything he could get his hands on, from everyday household items to bags filled with books.

Born in the Congo, Mutombo stopped growing at age 14, suffering from an undiagnosed disability, which stunted his growth. This didn’t stop Caleb from pumping iron, though. At the age of 16 he began training in the gym, and as of recently, he has even competed in local bodybuilding competitions.

“I do bodybuilding because I love it. I love to see my body grow. I love to feel full of energy and fit at the same time,” says Mutombo.

And if you’re wondering how he performs in these contests, you’ll be surprised to know that Mutombo has beaten competitors twice his size, even grabbing third place in a recent competition.

“When I started out a lot of people didn’t believe I could do it. I faced negativity and prejudice. But I’m very proud of everything I have achieved so far, getting into bodybuilding is exciting.”

Currently, he trains at his local gym in Johannesburg, South Africa up to five days a week, with hopes of becoming a professional bodybuilder.

“I’m very happy about how far I’ve come and I’m looking forward to one day becoming a professional bodybuilder,” says Mutombo.

If there is one thing for certain, Mutombo has proven a lot of people wrong already, and his idol, Arnold Schwarzenegger, would be proud.