Who is Dallas Mccarver? Here's what I wrote at the conclusion of the 2012 NPC North Americans:

The largest surprise of them all was the emergence of Dallas Mccarver, an unknown newcomer, taking the Super Heavyweight class and the Overall for his Pro card at the ripe old age of 21 at his 3rd ever bodybuilding competition. Neither Cody Lewis nor Nick Trigili could have touched that! In fact, the last time this happened was in 1987 when Shawn Ray turned pro at the Nationals at the same age of 21.

North Americans Mens Results - McCarver Takes Overall

Every once in a while, there comes an athlete out of nowhere that begins to dominate. Let's take our current Mr Olympia and Flex Athlete Phil Heath, for instance. Winner of TWO Mr Olympia titles who turned pro only after FOUR bodybuilding competitions. When Isaac Hinds and IFBB Pro Jay Cutler discovered Phil in Colorado, they both knew they were standing in the presence of future greatness. We here at Flex and I personally believe that Phil Heath will be around enough to break Lee Haney's record. Something neither Ronnie Coleman nor Jay Cutler could achieve.


We've seen other young men come and go with potential of possibly crossing that threshold of greatness. However, as one thing leads to another, they fall to the wayside from injury or lack of interest. More on these fallen agels later.

So, back to Dallas Mccarver. Fresh on the scene at 21 years old, he has his pro card in hand and is already well into his off-season training. Last month, internet photos were posted of this 6' 1" athlete breaking the 300lbs barrier.


The question begs: Can Dallas Mccarver break through the hype, work his way up the ranks and challenge the likes of Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Branch Warren, Dennis Wolf, or Toney Freeman? Only time will tell.