February 8th, 2008

Everybody has an opinion. We want to hear yours. Put your knowledge – and your bias – to the test and rank from 1-24 your favorite bodybuilders of all-time in this online poll. The poll is not necessarliy about just physique – we are looking for you individual preference. You may be swayed by a number of factors – personality, longetivity, the impact each had on their particular era, or hairstyle. (Well, maybe not the last one. If hair were considered, Larry Scott would be the odds-on favorite and Ronnie Coleman wouldn’t have a chance). Whatever the determining factor, cast your vote. The results of the poll will be included as part of a multi-page feature in the 25th Anniversary Issue of the May FLEX magazine.

If you can’t make a decision without looking at a bigger picture than the thumbnail images shown below, don’t worry – you can find larger images of each of these bodybuilding greats on the FLEX BLOG


So cast your vote, and see the results in the May issue of FLEX.