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He is all of us.

You're thinking, “If I have to read, see or smell anything about pumpkin, I’m going to (fill-in-the-blank with something shocking and violent – like punch a hole in a wall).” 

Mike Rashid agrees with you.

Signs like “Spice up your fall!” make you feel:

When you have to go the mall/grocery store/anywhere and you know everything will be pumpkin you might as well:

Even walking into Home Depot be like:

You can’t escape a coffee shop without feeling like:

But like, your dirty little secret…you actually like pumpkin.

(you just don’t like all those carbs)

The only way to avoid the shame: PUMPKIN PROTEIN BAR.

^ Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar – 21g protein, 4 net carbs, 0 shame.

Watch Mike get majorly pranked by FouseyTUBE and Quest Nutrition for their new pumpkin bar – it’s pretty epic: