CLA Safe and Effective

Although you may be in mass gaining phase during these winter months, there is one “fat-burning” supplement that you should consider taking year round conjugated linoleic acid. This healthy omega-6 fat is backed by ample research showing that it is effective for simultaneously melting bodyfat and building muscle and strength. It also may reduce the risk of certain cancers and heart disease. But maybe you’re concerned about the safety warnings issued when research in mice and hamsters showed that CLA might be toxic to the liver. A new study, done in humans, should put your qualms about CLA to rest. Researchers in the Netherlands gave subjects daily doses of nearly 20 grams of CLA for three weeks. Afterward, all measures of liver and kidney function were normal. So keep taking, or start taking, CLA to gain more muscle and strengt hand lose more bodyfat . . . not to mention boosting your overall health.


TAKE THIS FLEX recommends taking 2-3 g of CLA two or three times per day. That’s a maximum of 9 g per day, far below the 20 g the subjects received in the Dutch study.