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In a perfect world, bodybuilders could have the same food options as everyone else. But we don’t live in a perfect world so when it’s competition time, that means bodybuilders are basically left holding their bland, boring foods while everyone else enjoys cheese-and-ice-cream-covered-everything. It can be torturous. But you’re a beacon of the buff gods, you can handle it…right? What if there was a way to hack the system? A way to have your cake and eat it too, so to speak? Almost literally. You may be in luck, because we’re taking a closer look at Allulose, which just might be the answer we’ve been waiting for.

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So what the hell is Allulose? Get ready to put on your science hat – because this is about to get technical. The technical name for Allulose is Psicose, or D-Psicose. Which, I know what you’re thinking, “all-you-lose” and “psychos” for a name? Thankfully, it’s pronounced “al-you-lows” and it tastes like sugar.

Because technically it is. It’s a rare sugar. But, and here’s where it matters to you and others who care about their body, Allulose is virtually calorie free. And according to Allulose.org “it is not metabolized in the body and does not contribute calories to the diet.” Furthermore, they state, that “products made with Allulose will have fewer calories compared to a full-calorie counterpart, but total carbohydrates and sugars may be very similar.” Why is this?

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The FDA requires all sugars to be labeled as such, and even though there’s no to little caloric value to Allulose, it must be listed as a sugar on the nutrition label. Because of this, the first commercially available product in the U.S. to use Allulose, The Quest Beyond Cereal Bar, looks like it’s loaded with sugar. And if you know Quest, you know they’re a low Net Carb, high protein, high fiber protein bar that definitely doesn’t add sugar. Chances are, because of the incredible taste of Beyond Cereal Bars, that there will be more products down the road that use Allulose. So don’t be surprised to see high “Sugar” content on nutrition labels that use Allulose. Just know that it’s not like your regular old sucrose molecule.

So what’s the hold up? Why isn’t everything under the planet using Allulose? Well, new products have to dethrone the kings, and right now sugar is still on top. It’s cheap, really bad for you and established as the sweetener to dethrone.

Still, keep an eye out for Allulose, it might become the next rising star in this sweetener game of thrones. Which is great news for you, because there might be a world where candy, desserts and foods typically perceived as “bad” can be back on the table. And that’s good news for anyone who knows what 5000 calories of chicken and brown rice tastes like day after day. 

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