I can’t believe the past two weeks have already gone by…. Time to fill you all in on what my life has been like since the last blog.

The first week I jumped right back into my diet and workouts after my engagement celebrations. My training has been strong and I feel great. Last Saturday I headed to Bev's Powerhouse Gym with my training partner to hit legs. We switched our workout this time, started with leg press where we typically started with squats. It was great to do something a little different. And did we feel the burn, after! That night I took my fiancé to see safe house- brought my chicken in a ziplock for one of my meals!

The things you need to do to get in your meals.

This past week was spent getting ready for our trip to the 2012 Arnold Classic. Wednesday we cooked for the next few days, packed the car and set the alarm for 2am to hit the road by 3. Driving from New York to Ohio is about a 10 hour drive. We made a pitstop on the way to see Karen's brother. It's always great to see family when we can.

We arrived in Columbus Thursday around 5pm. After unloading the car, we wnt to the gym: Chest, Arms and Cardio – done! Went back to the hotel to prep my meals for day one of the expo.

Friday I woke up and had to hit the gym before the expo. These are the hard things when in prep mode. Getting workouts and staying on track with your diet.

After working oout and eating, we were off to the convention center. We found the SPECIES booth – we were right in the middle of all the action! Doors opened and wow – floods of fans! I was able to meet a lot of my followers from facebook and twitter.

My fiancé was working right next to me, so fans that know her as @dieseldolls were excited to meet her as well.

SPECIES was great!! We had long days but also had a ton of fun. We unfortunately got some sad news Saturday night and were not able to attend the show or after parties. We also left the expo a little earlier on Sunday.

Our apologies to those we missed. Next year I will be seeing you all again and you can always come see me May 19th!!

So we packed up and hit the road… I was able to leave with an amazing new species product not even on the market yet! Nitrolyze; it's a pre workout. Wow! what a pump I've been getting!!!

Look for it by the end of the month.