Chill Motion Pant by Lululemon Men
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You may think of burgers and beer when you think of the 
restaurant Ruby Tuesday, but let FLEX change your whole
 perspective on what this restaurant can offer the bodybuilder. 
For starters, it has a great salad bar. But Ruby Tuesday is your
 choice for sinking your teeth into some juicy protein, whether
 you feel like having a lean top sirloin steak, an even leaner 
chicken breast or a healthy dose of omega-3-rich salmon. FLEX
 chose the barbecue-grilled chicken for its whopping 49 grams of
 protein with just 4 g of fat. We piled on grilled zucchini for its estrogen-
lowering effects, and brown rice pilaf for some slow-digesting carbs to help build muscle without adding bodyfat. But if you want to keep it on the low-carb side, they have a ton of fresh sides like grilled asparagus, grilled green beans, roasted spaghetti squash, sugar snap peas and even sautéed portabella mushrooms.

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