Jay Cutler is an all-American male icon. He married his high-school sweetheart, never has a blond hair out of place and is as laid-back as an islander in a hammock.

Within 36 hours from earning an impressive second place at the 2005 Mr. O, “Cut Above” Cutler kindly welcomed FLEX into his Las Vegas residence to get an insight into the man behind the beast.

Approaching Cutler’s habitat, I was greeted by security that was guarding the newly built community in which our subject resides. Following a brief call to the 270-pounder, huge metal gates swung open to allow my entry. I proceeded to drive through a neighborhood that resembled the all-too-perfect one seen in The Truman Show.

Cutler was standing at the top of his drive. Along with the master himself, I was also loudly welcomed with great excitement by his much-loved cockapoo (a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle) called Scraps, and his wife Kerry’s pony-sized Airedale named Trace, who did not leave his side for even a moment.

As Jay proudly showed me through the large rooms of his home, I was instantly drawn to how clean everything was and how much effort was put into the color coordination of the décor.

Starting in the garage, there was a display of framed magazine covers he has graced over the years. Along with this were treadmills, a solarium, a couple of bikes and a leg-curl machine. “I’ve been concentrating on bringing my hamstrings up, so I’ve been doing some curls at home several times per week and some walking lunges in the street,” said Jay. When I asked what the neighborhood reaction was to his lunging ritual, he replied, “They think it’s great because they love the fact that a celebrity lives on the street.”

I thought about what Jay had just told me. Of course, he is a celebrity. After all, lunging down the street really shouldn’t be any different from shooting hoops in the driveway. Maybe he doesn’t get the public recognition around the world that Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods receives, but to truly live a bodybuilder’s lifestyle, perhaps the low-key recognition is a blessing in disguise.

Speaking of popularity, as we walked into Jay’s office, the big man showed me the 374 new, as-yet-unread e-mail messages currently flooding his computer. All had been posted by different fans from around the globe, most of them with subject lines like “The Real Mr. Olympia,” “You Were Robbed” and “You Are The Man.”

As we strolled into his living room, I zoned in like a missile onto his luxurious- looking lounge. I decided that this was as good a place and time as any to press record on my trusty Dictaphone to bypass Jay the bodybuilder and question Jason the character.

FLEX: Who is the clean one in your household?

JAY CUTLER: I am. My wife is catching on. She’s been with me for 15 years, so she’s got it figured out.

Have you got any weird habits?

I brush my teeth 10 times a day and shower five times a day. It’s pretty much a routine for me.

Could you tell me one thing nobody knows about you Jay?

I’m a homebody. I don’t like to leave the house and do too much.

What’s in your gym bag?

Branched-chain aminos, fat burners — Hydroxycut, of course — wrist straps, a belt, knee wraps and a gym towel.

After a contest, what’s the first thing you do?

Visit my family.

What cars do you own?

Two BMWs and a Mercedes.

Your family owns a construction company. Did you help build your home?

No, but I did the design and home decorating.

What’s the best and worst part about living in Vegas?

The best part is the summer nights and the worst part is the winter winds.

Are you a hot head or a cool cucumber?

I’m as cool as they come, man. I’m low-key.

What’s your greatest fear?

Not coming in at my best in competition or missing the top five at a contest.

What’s your greatest achievement?

My three Arnold Classic victories.

What is your main goal in life?

To make enough money to be financially stable.

Do you have any fetishes?

I’m a sneaker collector.

What type of books do you read?

Success stories. My favorite book is a Lance Armstrong book called Not About The Bike.

Do you sleep in a reinforced bed?

It’s a pretty big stable bed.

Have you ever broken a chair?

Yes, I have.

Have you had to have anything custom made in your house to account for your size?

All of my chairs in the house are customized and reinforced.

What’s your view on magazine journalists?

It’s hit or miss with these guys. It’s up and down, freaks or geeks.

Have you ever been to a nudist beach?

Hell no.

Can you break a walnut in your biceps?

I’ve never tried.

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