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John Glaude found comfort in food. Throughout most of his youth and teenage years, he would consume meal after meal, snack after snack because he was addicted to eating. At his heaviest he was 360 pounds and in his words “existing, not living.” A random interview on a TV show somehow triggered an understanding that John’s choices were the only thing leading him to be overweight. So he woke up the next day and began studying everything fitness and nutrition related.

John dropped a staggering 170 pounds and finally achieved the physique he always wanted, but with a caveat. Such dramatic weight loss causes what John coined “loose skin.” Rather than hide away from his reminder that he was overweight, John called it his battle scar. To inspire others, John posted a video to his modest YouTube channel, showcasing his loose skin and sharing it with the world. The video amassed over 8 million views and landed John a guest spot on Ellen. That was just the beginning for John. Check out is infectious positivity and drive in the video below.

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