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In case you didn’t know, Quest is known for protein. Sure, Quest Bars taste amazing and have a bona-fide fiber source, but for serious buff dudes, it’s all about the protein. So when you’re looking to pound a little protein between workouts, these are the best, most-protein-packed products available from Quest that you need to try.

Protein Powders


The commanding winner here is the Quest Multi-Purpose Mix. It’s the only non-flavored offering from Quest’s line of protein powders, but it’s jacked to the gills with 24g/protein per serving and, best of all, 96% of the calories come from protein. If you do want to lift your way through flavor-town, though, next on the list are Chocolate Milkshake and Peanut Butter have 23g/protein per serving with 84% of the calories coming from protein.

Quest Bars


The bar that started it all. If you want the most accurate labels in the industry, the Quest Bar is the best. And they’re damn tasty, too. If you want to sup on your protein supplement, the top Quest Bar in regards to protein is actually a three-way tie. Every bar is at least 20g of protein, but Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Cookies & Cream are all 21g a piece.

Beyond Cereal Bar


This is the perfect protein perk when you feel like going to down on a box of donuts. Sure, you’ve got the mass to do it and they taste amazing, but you can get that same effect by ingesting 12g of protein and enjoying something sweet and chewy. Protip: see if you can two-bite the Beyond Cereal Bar. Think of it as having a 350lb working weight.

Protein Chips


Chips are probably one of the top ten things ever invented, so if you’re into snacking (and let’s be real, you eat all damn day), keep a bag of these handy and salty snack your way to bigger pythons. Every flavor is over 20g/protein per bag, but the plain Sea Salt Flavor is the winner with 22g/protein per bag. If you’re feeling like crunching through flavor country, though, Cheddar & Sour Cream and BBQ are both 21g/protein a bag. 

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