Speed up recuperation with this crucial amino acid

Going to the gym without a post-workout drink is almost as bad as forgetting wraps when you have to pull heavy deadlifts. The days of hanging out after an intense workout are over if you want to put on serious size. According to a recent article in the Journal of Amino Acids, men who supplemented with a leucine drink before, during and after intense leg exercise recovered faster than those who didn't have one. The researchers had men perform drop jumps and eccentric leg exercises (two extreme muscle damaging moves) and examined muscle function 24,48,72 and 96 hours post-exercise. They found that after the workout the maximum force generated by the muscle significantly decreased for both groups (which is normal post-workout). However, the group supplemented with leucine experienced less of a drop compared with the group that took nothing. Conclusion: slamming down leucine before, during and after exercise can help muscle recuperation for the next workout, which will help you train harder and heavier, which means you'll get bigger and stronger.