Foods with
either low-or high-glycemic-index (GI) values tend to get the most play in bodybuilders’ diets due to their respective benefits and effects on blood sugar and insulin, while foods that fall into the medium range, like rice, are often overlooked.

That could soon change, thanks 
to a new study published in the latest edition of the journal Rice, which found that different varieties of rice exist at
both ends of the
 GI spectrum. Researchers analyzed 235 varieties of 
rice and discovered GI values ranging from 48 to 92. Foods with GI values below 55 and above 70 are considered low and high, respectively; everything in between is considered medium.

Low-glycemic foods are absorbed slowly and are useful for providing sustained energy, say, before workouts. High-glycemic foods 
are utilized much quicker and have an immediate effect on blood glucose levels, which can be useful for providing a post-workout insulin spike.



M. A. Fitzgerald, et al., Rice, 2011; 4 (2): 66