You can pile your supplements high and suck back everything and likely see some good results. In most cases, more is better, especially with protein, amino acids, creatine, and a few other choice ingredients. The ingredients selected here are chosen because of their ability to help fuel muscle growth, prevent too much muscle damage, and improve your rate of recovery. While stimulants play a big role for many lifters, the truth is that they do little to improve overall muscle quality, hence you will notice that I am not advocating stimulants in your pre-workout matrix. Certainly each of you may have your fix, your vice, or an ingredient you cannot live without, and I am all for that. Placebo or not—and I am not suggesting ingredients that don’t appear here only provide a placebo effect—if you like it, take it, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. While I have read the research and understand the physiological interactions, I, too, like some ingredients that have not seen the acclaimed fame of others through research. 

Remember, about 30% of people are what we scientists call non-responders to ingredients that have been proven effective. Why isn’t the opposite true? It is—scientists are just afraid to take the leap of faith. That is where I differ: Leap, jump, fly—don’t leave anything on the table if it has a chance to help you reach new heights.