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A lot of competitive gamers take their jobs as seriously as all-star athletes. Whether you’re lifting to max out your lats or grinding to max level, the same killer instinct binds competitors of all kinds. And hey, a lot of bodybuilders started out as poor-postured, weak-willed dudes spending hours in front of the computer screen before reinventing themselves as gym gods.

With the popularity of competitive gaming at an all-time high, some gamers are bucking the soda-drinking, cheeto-chewing sedentary stereotype, focusing on a sound body to shape a sharp mind. These keyboard kings, Team Liquid, are going about it with a sense of humor, working a healthy lifestyle into their regimen, and doing so with some healthy and hilarious competition. Their efforts to redefine the concept of #GamerFood earned them a sponsorship from Quest Nutrition.

Check out their most ridiculous video to date… Four gamers, four protein shakes, & one major mess.