The Girls Are Back!

Behind the scenes video of Heather Dees' HOT FLEX photo shoot!

The Girls Are Back!

Behind the Scenes with Heather Dees

August 22, 2011


Starting back in 2008, FLEX Magazine ran a few gritty & sexy photo shoots of some very hot females. The features were called, "The Girls Are Back" and it left a lasting impression on how women could and would appear in a magazine like FLEX! Strong became sexy and hardcore got HOT!

Now its 2011, the style's changed a bit, the faces are new, and THE GIRLS ARE BACK. The September 2011 issue of FLEX Magazine features IFBB Figure Pro Heather Dees in a spread you wont soon forget. Don't believe us? Then check out the video below: Behind the Scenes with Heather Dees!

The issue is hitting newsstands now and that's the only place you'll see the finished product. Get your copy today!