Chad:  We peaked Fouad perfectly – has a much harder, grainier look than the others in the first callout.  From the front – close among Fouad, Lionel and Ben; from the side, Fouad possesses standout detail, hardness and separation.  From the back, Fouad is extremely grainy and conditioned – we were able to keep Fouad full while maintaining fantastic conditioning and he appears to be in the driver’s seat right now.

DJ:  Had similar conditioning to last year, but a tad better – much fuller – looked much bigger on stage from the added fullness this time around – very impressed with his conditioning – I currently have him in first.



Chad:  Unbelievable overall structure. From the front he possesses great detail in the quads and has crazy, full and round muscle, but lacks quite a bit of conditioning from the side and the back.  When he dials everything in, he will be a force at any show.  Currently, I see him in 3rd place.

DJ:  A tall athlete, but has beautiful shape and a tremendous amount of muscle for his frame – didn’t come in with the conditioning he needs to take the show and his skin looked a little thick from water and lack of condition.  You could see he was hard but not dry.  If he would have brought the conditioning he could have won today.



Chad:  Biggest guy in the lineup and one of the hardest – incredible detail; legs are hard and shredded from every angle.  We were able to bring up his back tremendously; overall great fullness and standout conditioning.  At prejudging I think Ben has edged out Lionel for 2nd place and will battle with Fouad later tonight for the top spot.

DJ:  Very impressive – conditioning spot on – you could see he has filled out in the areas that were lacking last year – chest fuller though still not quite where I would like to see it, but much better – very hard, heavier than everyone else on the stage – extremely wide shoulders and size made him stand out – the best conditioning I’ve seen him in.



Chad:  Beautiful structure – not the biggest guy on stage, but when he poses, everything comes to life.  He possesses Flex Wheeler type lines – just beautiful from every angle.  I’d like to see a bit more size added to his overall physique, but at this show his conditioning is just lacking.  He is probably 15% off the mark and I have him as a lock for 4th place currently.

DJ:  Absolutely beautiful physique – reminds me of a smaller Flex Wheeler.  After seeing him at the 2011 Olympia I thought he lacked that dry conditioning today.  His physique/structure carries him through the show even though he was one of the softer guys in the top 4.  I would like to see him drop 4-5 more pounds to compete with the guys at this show.  I have him in 4th place right now, but really needs to step up the conditioning for the Arnold and drop 4-5 more pounds to make an impact.



Chad:  Definitely one of the hardest guys in the show and has the super “crisp” conditioning that I love to see on stage.  In the comparisons he handled himself tremendously amongst the larger guys even though he probably gave up about 25-30 pounds.  His conditioning has definitely moved him up the ladder, but he still needs more size to battle with the open guys.  My main complaint is that he needed better color – would have made him look even harder.  I can see him in 4th, but I believe he is probably in 5th right now, based off the callouts.

DJ:  Unbelievable conditioning – in such great conditioning he makes others athletes in good condition look soft – made great improvements since his last contest.  Still needs a bit more leg thickness.  Would have liked to have seen him compared with the top 3 to see how far his conditioning could have taken him.  When he was called back toward the end I thought he could have moved up in the top 3, but for now I see him 5th.  At this show I would love to see a comparison among Eduardo, Fouad and Lionel as I think Eduardo could be a true “giant killer”.



Chad:  Good overall muscle and structure just didn’t bring his trademark conditioning – I’m guessing he’s peaking for the 212’s next week and he will definitely be a force there.  If he ends up in 6th tonight, still a great placement. 

DJ:  Color good, conditioning was nice, but just looked small compared to the rest of the top 5.  I currently have him in 6th.