2012 New York Pro Women's Physique Pre-Judging Assessment

This is the first time the Women's Physique Division has been on the New York Pro stage.


2012 New York Pro Women PhysiqueThe 29 Women’s Physique competitors spanned a wide range of backgrounds ranging from Fitness to Figure to Bodybuilding, resulting in a mix of body shapes that made this is a tough class to judge. First callout featured Juliana Malacarne, a Figure Pro crossover, seemed to exude the look the judges wanted – round muscles, not too shredded. It was neck and neck with her and Ayanna Carroll for first. Similar in style was Bodyphysique Pro Penpraghai Tiangngok from Thailand. She displayed an impressive muscularity balanced with femininity. Carrie Simmons, a Fitness crossover, had a similar look and was added to second callouts.

Absent from the first several callouts was Bodybuilding crossover Dayana Cadeau; she retained too much muscle and trademarked striated glutes. On the flip side, another BB crossover, Aurelia Grozajova, was too thin and stringy to be competitive. She also lacked color. Hard training competitor Dana Lynn Bailey was not in the top few callouts, perhaps sending the message that the judges are not looking for the shredded physiques. Last callouts also contained Figure Crosover Petra Mertl, and Heather Grace. Lining up them with Dayana and Dana was an odd combination since Dayana had too much muscle but Petra had too little. Across the board, all the girls had smooth legs with tight abs. The top few seemed to have a good balance of hard muscles with no striations and an overall pleasing aesthetic.