Kevin English beat out Sami Ali-Alhaddad

1. Kevin English

2. Sami Ali-Alhaddad

3. Jose Raymond

We saw a better Jose Raymond last year. He's thick and hard but the classic conditioning Jose used to have is no longer there and wasn't enough tonight to edge out the reigning 202 Mr Olympia Kevin English. Kevin, on the other hand, presented his large legs and big shoulders but the effort to make weight may have taken a toll.

Sami Ali-Alhaddad displayed classic aesthetics and exhibited what a bodybuilder should look like: conditioned, well toned, balanced and well defined round muscle bellies. The audience verbally expressed their displeasure with his 2nd place by a lot of vociferious "boo's". But maybe the lack of muscle compared to Kevin English edged Sami out of first and into a comfortable second place.