Five (really 10) Quick Questions with “The Showstopper,” Ben White

December 15, 2010


IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and 2010 Tampa Pro winner Ben White took some time out of his preparation for the Flex Pro for a quick interview. With 10 weeks to go, Ben is dieting hard and looking for his second pro victory. FLEXONLINE will be checking in with Ben all the way up to the show: Look for some more interviews and even some training videos!

When The Showstopper gets going, five questions is far from enough, so we added five more for fun.

FLEX: What are your predictions for the Flex Pro?
Ben: My prediction is that I am going to win the Flex Pro. I’ve improved my legs, shoulders, chest, calves…actually my whole physique is new and improved! I expect to be between 245 and 250, bigger and harder than ever before.

FLEX: What has powerlifting done for you as a bodybuilder?
Ben: Power lifting gives me the size and strength I need to be a great bodybuilder.

FLEX: Why are you the “Showstopper?&#8221
Ben: In power lifting meets I was always the last to lift and close the show…just like I will do at the Flex Pro in February.

FLEX: I’ve seen you as big as 280 and still showing some nice cuts…what does the Showstopper eat to put on that size?
Ben: A lot of steak. Steak, more steak and rice along with tons of sleep. I also can’t forget my golden tea.

FLEX: Can Ben White be Mr. Olympia?
Ben: HELL YES! Why not?


5 More Questions with Ben White (the uncensored version)

FLEX: Boxers, briefs, or commando and why?
Ben: Boxers, so my buds can breath

FLEX: Figure, fitness, bikini, or female bodybuilding….whats your taste?
Ben: Any one of them…I like ‘;em all.

FLEX: Is it true you can’t read?
Ben: I can read, just not to good with Canadian contracts

FLEX: What is the craziest offseason meal you’ve had recently?
Ben: 16 patties,32 slices of cheese on a bun with a lunch bag of fries

FLEX: What do you have to say to all the internet haters that have been riding you since you turned pro?
Ben: Make sure they keep saying Ben White, I am always on their minds!

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WHAT: 2011 FLEX Pro Bodybuilding Championships presented by Body Fortress
WHEN: February 19, 2011
WHERE: Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica CA
TIMES: Prejudging at noon, Finals at 7 pm (All time PST)