Chuck Sanow Arm Workout for 2012 Masters Olympia

At 51 years old, IFBB Pro Chuck Sanow takes us through an Arm Workout. Gym owner, Chicago Fireman and State Chairman, Chuck has his arms full but still works out strong


Chuck Sanow is not just an IFBB Professional bodybuilder. He's a 26 year gym owner, he's Chicago Fireman, he's the NPC Illinois Chairman; Chuck Sanow is bodybuilding.

Some athletes hit the bodybuilding scene at just the right time and turn pro fairly early and then there are some like Bob Cicherillo where the timing just wasn't there and it's taken years to turn pro. Chuck took 16 years to turn pro, but never did he stop or think it can never happen.

Sanow has competed against and has beaten Troy Alves, Dexter Jackson, etc, so just because he's 51 years old, it doesn't mean he can't stand up against these guys!