The landlord and I arrived early Thursday morning in Manchester England and the journey began.

Man holding weight plate shirtless

We got in a awesome little taxi and could not understand the driver but he was real nice and got us to our apartment faster than a speeding bullet.

Then our next task was to find food to feed on. We walked to the near grocery store and picked up some essentials. All the fun bodybuilding food when u are on a diet.

Set reps chart

Then heather and I shaved my entire body and we still always laugh at this. I think that is the one thing I hate most about competing is shaving but oh well. Heather always says when we got married it never said anything about shaving your butt.

Power Past Plateaus

Well it's time to carb load and relax Friday is coming soon.

IFBB British Grand Prix 2012

IFBB British Grand Prix 2012