Crunch time!

These last two weeks have been intense. I'm 8 weeks out, now. I'm in the final round, yet I am ahead during this prep.

Weekly: I used to review my prep when I won my pro card; looking at 8 weeks now is where I was at 4 weeks out condition-wise for the USAs – only 10 pounds heavier!

I could be ready to hit the stage in 2 weeks. My body fat is dropping, and I'm feeling great. I feel strong and have tons of energy.

My intensity is coming out strong in my workouts. My back work outs are intense and I'm getting stronger on my dead lifts again – and feeling good!

My leg workout are out this world. My knees feel great and my back isn't hurting. My legs are coming up just the way I've envisioned in my workouts – or even better.


I'm back to where I want to be with my workouts

Last weekend, Sunday, I took my fiancé to Five Guys. She loved it. Of course, we finished with some "gotta have it" Coldstone.

Also this past weekend, my little girl was with me. We went to the store, and I saw the new FLEX magazine; she's in it! She was happy to see a picture of us.

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Also on Sunday, my close friend and one of my biggest supporters, Emilio and his wife and 3 kids came over. We all went to eat and ate at Coldstone! All the kids loved it! Ok, ok the adults loved it too! My fiancé, Karen, my daughter, Destiny and I got to spend the rest of Sunday night with my family.

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My cousin Ana is expecting, so my family threw her a baby shower. It was the perfect ending to the weekend.

As I write this, I'm headed to work. Yet, all I think about is getting back in the gym. The next 8 weeks my workouts are going to be more intense than ever.

I am determined to bring my best package to date.