Kai Greene is at the 2012 FIBO Power Expo representing Muscle Meds. Kai's gone through some trying times trying to achieve that Sandow. Not having achieved his goal, he is trying something different in 2012: staying lean while still honing his physique.

Greene reflected back on his conversation with Flex Wheeler after his third place finish at the 2011 Sheru Classic. Flex Wheeler advised Kai to trim down his size and concentrate on detail. Flex likened it to driving a car really fast; one accelerates to get to the desired top speed but once there, you depress the gas pedal to maintain that speed. His guidance to Kai was to depress that gas pedal.

In my conversation with George Farah earlier this year, his plan for Kai was to keep up the cardio, keep the junk food to a minimum and concentrate on bringing his waistline down. It's working. Kai's been below 300lbs and eating healthy.

IFBB Pro Kai Greene at the 2012 FIBO Power and McFit

After this interview, we ran into Kai at McFit cranking out an intense back workout followed by cardio.

From our vantage point, Kai is doing what he needs to do to win the Mr Olympia.