Keith Williams Headed to Tampa

There's no doubt Keith Williams works for what he wants. And in this case, he wants to step on the Olympia Stage. William's is headed to Tampa for an Olympia Qualification.

Keith Williams Headed to Tampa

Look up the word 'determined' in the dictionary and most likely you'll see a picture of Keith Williams in there busting ass in the gym. For as long as I've known Keith, he's been completely focused on the subject at hand: get a pro card and compete on the Olympia stage.

Williams turned pro in 2012 and wasted no time getting on the Pro Stage competing three times as a professional bodybuilder in the 2012 bodybuilding season. This year, Williams has already competed twice - the 2013 New York Pro and the 2013 Chicago Pro placing a respectable 8th in both competitions.

Looking to improve on his 10th place 2012 PBW Tampa Pro finish, Williams has been back home hitting it hard. When I last spoke with Keith, here's what he had to say about the upcoming 2013 Tampa Pro:

... thought they seen something in the first two shows this year - they've seen nothing yet! I'll be coming in harder drier and rounded baby! Thanks, Mike, for all your help and support bro.

Here's recent photos of Keith Williams. We here at the Flex Magazine wish Keith Williams the best of luck!

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