In his first “Live” public interview since Olympia Weekend came to a close, Phil Heath participated in a post-Olympia tradition when the newly crowned King sat in for the annual PBW “Champion’s Interview”.

September 21, 2011


Heath spoke openly on a wide range of topics, including his place in bodybuilding history, the injury of Jay Cutler, his new role as the world’s most visible bodybuilder, and the pressure of remaining on top. PBW host Dan Solomon told FLEX, “We can’t help but get a little sentimental about Phil’s triumph. Phil made his first public interview on PBW back on March 20th 2006, prior to his pro debut. He told us, back then, that his dream was to stand on the Olympia stage someday, next to Jay Cutler. That was only about 5 years ago. And today, he joins us on the air as Mr. Olympia. You just can’t make this stuff up.”

Check out the special “Pro Bodybuilding Weekly” Post-Olympia broadcast, featuring the new champ, hosted by Olympia Webcast host Dan Solomon, Chad Nicholls and Olympia judge Lee Thompson.

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