Anybody into lifting or fitness that walks into Doherty's Gym will act like a kid in a candy store. When I first walked in, I was overwhelmed. I wasn't sure if I was more excited about the size, the amount of equipment, the kitchen or the Italian Espresso Machine.

Phil Heath felt the same way, except he's much bigger than me, and as Mr Olympia is actually expected to lift! Phil's been here a few times before and looks forward to working out here. The place is HUGE. Doherty's has a ton of free wights, ancient leg equipment that adds hunks of meat to your quads and has all the lighting you need for an impromptu photo shoot.

As well, the crowd here is serious and respectful. Phil can get a workout in, be left alone, and when the moment is right, approached by his fan.

The gym is over a 24 hour trip from the United States. However, I've traveled much of the world and been to many a gym. I would make this trip again in a heartbeat just to workout here and hang out with Tony Doherty. It helps that he can brew a mean and tasty Macchiato!

Join Phil Heath as he takes you on a tour of the gym, outlines the rooms, equipment and photos and ponder the large blown up poster of Jay Cutler and Phil Heath standing on stage waiting for the 2010 Mr Olympia top two results.