IFBB Bikini Takes the Stage in Culver City!

March 24, 2011


This Saturday, the second annual IFBB Musclecontest Pro Bikini Championship takes place in Culver City, CA. Promoter Jon Lindsay always brings the best events to LA and this contest will be no different.

The line-up in Pro Bikini features FLEX cover girl Amanda Latona, fresh off her sixth place finish at the Bikini International. The line-up also features a handful of pro-debuts along with some of the best veterans of the bikini stage. Three Olympia qualifications are up for grabs and all the ladies will be after that chance to compete at the “O.”

Along with the Pro Bikini contest, there is the 2011 NPC Musclecontest Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, and Men’s Physique Championships. The event is a national qualifier and over 200 competitors have already entered.

Check out FLEXONLINE all day Saturday for updates, results, and photos!

WHAT: IFBB Musclecontest Pro Bikini
WHERE: Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium, Culver City, CA
WHEN: Saturday, March 26
TIME: Prejudging at 11 am; finals at 6:30 pm (All times PDT)

Abrhiem, Natalie
Al-Sabah, Dina
Brandt, Leigh
Burrows, Abigail
Calderon, Laura
Cooke-Elliott, Mary Jo
Dietrick, Jennifer
Gonzalez, Kelly
Latona, Amanda
Marcus, Anca
Marquez, Christie
Morrison, Lindsey
Pimentel, Jennifer
Prebyl, Vanessa
Rotar, Zhanna
Vargas, Christina

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