They’ve yet to stand on the same stage, but, in some regard, Justin Compton looks like the second coming of Dennis Wolf. They share more than just blond locks. Both the Russian-German Wolf, a veteran of 30 pro shows, and the straight-out-of-Kentucky Compton, who’s flexed in only four pro shows, wow crowds with their outrageous X-frames. The Compton we saw at the last Arnold Classic had more arm mass and back density than the Wolf who generated howls at the most recent Olympia. Their quads are a closer match, with a slight edge to the Wolfman, helping the older and taller of the two to form a broader silhouette.

Compton turns 28 in May. When Wolf posed at that age he was, arguably, at his best, storming to fifth in the 2007 Mr. Olympia. Though that was a shocker, many thought he should’ve finished even higher. Can Compton make a similar leap to Sandow contention? If he does, he will likely have to claw his way past the always-hungry Wolf. Meanwhile, we have this virtual comparison of the fair-haired X-men.

Justin compton dennis wolf

 Justin Compton 

  • STRENGTHS: Arm Size, Back Density
  • WEAKNESSES: Abs, Chest
  • BEST POSE: Front Double Biceps
  • WORST POST: Side Chest
  • PRO WINS: 1
  • AGE: 27
  • WEIGHT: 255
  • HEIGHT: 5'8"

 Dennis Wolf 

  • STRENGTHS: Shoulder Width, Quads
  • WEAKNESSES: Calves, Arms
  • BEST POSE: Front Lat Spread
  • WORST POST: Side Chest
  • PRO WINS: 6
  • YEARS AS A PRO: 10
  • AGE: 37
  • WEIGHT: 260
  • HEIGHT: 5'11"

Justin compton dennis wolf