Who is the best 212-or-under bodybuilder of all time? This may seem like a settled question. After all, Flex Lewis has won all five 212 Olympias, and, at 14-0, he’s undefeated in the 212 division. There’s no disputing he is the greatest IFBB 212 competitor, and that’s a distinction he could hold for
a very long time. And yet, in our September issue, we computed that if an award had been given each year to the 212-or-under bodybuilder who finished highest in the Mr. Olympia, Shawn Ray would have nine such titles.
Based merely on a tally of wins, Lewis’ 16 212 or 202 titles crush Ray’s two pro titles. But Ray competed when there were only open pro shows, and he finished in the Mr. Olympia top five a record 12 years in a row (1990–2001), including two seconds. Would Lewis crack Mr. O top fives? In a head-to-head, Ray’s chest and traps would be a great advantage, but Lewis’ collection of lines could give him the edge in the rear double biceps. It would be a battle of two shorter, lighter men who did it the right way— with shape and conditioning. 


HEIGHT: 5′ 6″ | WEIGHT: 212 lbs

BEST POSE: Rear Double Biceps | WORST POSE: Side Triceps

STRENGTHS: Balance, Conditioning, Calves | WEAKNESSES: Back Width, Chest


HEIGHT: 5′ 6″ | WEIGHT: 210 lbs

BEST POSE: Front Relaxed | WORST POSE: Rear Lat Spread

STRENGTHS: Balance, Conditioning | WEAKNESSES: Back Width