To kick things off, let me first say thank you very much to everyone that has contacted me and offered their sincere congratulations on my outcomes at the start of the year. You guys are awesome and keep me motivated to do great things!

Always stay in touch with me via Facebook and the FLEX Q&As.

After my 4th place finish at the Arnold Classic everyone is already asking what is next for me?

Well the truth is, I came home to relax and enjoy some time with my family.  Many of you know that training for a contest can be a selfish time, so I wanted to spend a few weeks of quality time with my loved ones. Its important to let those closest to you know how much you appreciate them and all that they do for you.  Not to mention I have a son at home that was only 6 weeks old when I competed at the FLEX pro and 8 weeks old at the Arnold.  He needed to make his first trip to Disney World! J

After a couple of weeks at home, I have never been more focused in my life. Training is great, my body feels better than ever and I have my sights set on competing in the 2012 Olympia!!  YUP…you heard it here first!

I have always been someone that works best when I have clear cut, immediate goals.  Once goals are in place, it just takes implementing a plan and tunnel vision on that goal. Never once taking your eye off the outcome you desire.  In this case, the goal is to bring a crazy, and improved package to the Olympia stage. 

It might be necessary that I compete again to qualify for the Olympia, but we already have a plan in place for that.

My training right now is focused on adding thickness to my entire upper body and keeping my body tight.  For me to be at my best, I know I need to add a few more solid lbs of muscle to my upper body and increase the overall quality of muscle on my frame. 

I am lifting heavy, eating clean and making sure my body is getting enough rest to heal on the inside and out.  Many of you know my post-contest ritual of doing a 4 week cleanse. Healing my GI tract, eliminating toxins, and eating clean just to make sure my body is healed and ready to grow going into the next contest. 

I believe this to be a hugely neglected part of our sport. With how much we eat, the amount of supplements we take, and just living in the current day and age, we consume thousands of toxic substances that live in fat cells,  blood, liver and most of our tissues. Many such toxins effect the way our cells function. They effect metabolism, digestion, hormone production, sleep patterns, inflammation, and more or less everything else that happens inside our bodies. Yet, most people pay no attention to eliminating these things. The truth is, we should be detoxing daily!

But lets call this our little secret and we will be the ones to continue to improve, grow and feel great.  Instead of being lethargic grumps all the time.

Outside of prepping for the Olympia,  I am working on my second Muscle Building Program to be released in June.  Im PUMPED for this!

After the recent tremendous success of my mass building program MI40 (,  all of the MI40 followers will be very happy to know that I am responding to all of your requests about “what do I do now?!”

This program is going to blow your minds.