<a class=Juan Morel Blog – Adventures at 6 Weeks out from Pro Debut” src=”https://cdn-ami-drupal.heartyhosting.com/sites/muscleandfitness.com/files/flex/images/extras/bms/juan-morel-bloag-8apr.jpg” style=”width: 400px; height: 545px; margin: 5px; float: left;” /The past 2 weeks have been amazing. Well life is amazing. Let me go and say I love life and I'm always happy and I'm a very positive person! Prep has been going so well. I'm loving this prep it honestly is my best one so far between my diet and training it can't get any better!! I have so much energy in the gym, I'm getting stronger every week… yeah who gets stronger while they diet… well I do!! And I’ve also been growing into my show. I have added a few pounds since the Arnold while getting shredded!! Special thanks to my Coach, friend, dietitian Dave Palumbo – the man knows his stuff. For those who call him a cookie cutter think again. I’ve been using Dave since 2007 and my diet has been different every year and no, I don't do Keto, but if he asked me to, I would!


Last week was my birthday April 2nd which was a Monday. I spent it in the gym training chest and arms and cardio. But Mom and my Fiancé did a special dinner for me on Sunday – it was awesome My mom made rice beans and lasagna, my Fiancé made Mac and Cheese which I'm hooked on, my brother made me fried chicken, and my aunt made me a cake called tres leche. Destiny, my beautiful daughter, made me the cutest card for my birthday. OMG I love that little girl she is so special and is growing so fast. My family also took me to Coldstone for some ice cream! My best friend Jill, Jill's boyfriend Donny and John Delarosa stopped by to celebrate as well. Spending an awesome day with my loved ones could not have been any better!!


Btw can't forget I went to see the Metropolitans last week, the Steve Weinberger show, and it was an awesome show… me and my Fiancé got to meet a lot of fans and I had a little fun guest posing. Had the Honor to step on Stage with Kevin English, John Delarosa, and Marcos Rivera who are all good friends of mine!!

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As for today, I had an amazing Sunday with my Fiancé it was just me and her celebrating Easter -we went to Coldstone, then McDonalds, then to the movie theater to watch American Reunion -movie was good!! It was a great day for us spending quality time together. Prep has been so time consuming but she knows I love her and make sure I let her know everyday. And I also want to say thank you to her for making this prep so easy by helping me with my meals, pushing me, staying on top of me and making sure I don't slack!! I'm thankful for everything you been doing -love you Karen.

Well 6 more weeks and I'll be on that stage. I'm super excited and I can't wait. I'm 95 percent ready so I'm cruising in right now! Well I'm still gonna kill it in the gym when I mean cruising …I don’t have to worry that I won't be in shape!! That ain't happening lol!! I'll be my best!!