What an amazing 2 weeks it has been! I went to Miami the week of Nationals got there a few days before the event, hanged out with family did a lot of what I like to do and that is eat a lot of fast food..

So Nationals was an awesome experience especially being there watching not competing, I actually got to enjoy the show different when u just sitting and spectating! So many great competitors the caliber of Competition for that show was awesome especially in the supers everyone was in shape and I know the Judges had a hard time Judging them!! I want to Congratulate my very Close friends from New York who Got there Pro Cards, Melissa DiBernardo, Roxanne Edwards, and Marco Rivera… I have seen tons of my friends out there we had a blast!! Me and my boy John Delarosa got to get our behind kicked by Mr O Phil Heath who put us thru one of his leg workout!! Now I know why he is mister O, the workout was insane! Btw I Drove from New York to Miami reason is anyone who knows me knows I hate flying if I can avoid flying I will, plus I didn't have to drive I brought my brother along which was my driver for the whole trip lol!!

Now coming back from the Trip me and my Coach Dave Palumbo sat and talked about my Approach to the New York pro we went over everything! Dave is a great friend mentor and a great Coach thank you for everything, now let's make this win happen! I'm very confidant I will bring a new and improve package to the New York Pro, one that will Guarantee me a spot in top 5 and goal is to win the show let's see if I can make that happen on my debut!

I am very happy with my Gains I'm already starting to budge the scale yes it's talking an awful amount of food and high calories and not all from clean eating!! My weight as of this morning was 261 and lean!! I still have abs and striations on my quads..

I'm also very happy this weekend I got my first spread in Flex Mag the pictures are amazing thanks Flex! So guys go get your copy it's an awesome spread! In that I will close this and see u guys in 2 weeks!