The past few weeks I been focusing on growing and training hard, my training is going well I'm starting to get my strength back. After a little time off and taking it easy, my strength went down, and I wasn't as strong as I normally am!! I'm not yet 100 percent but getting there!


Also my weight was down to!! Yeah I know that was low.. lol.  Now I'm 252 as of this morning, I been eating everything trying to pack on the weight, I was doing over 1000 grams of carbs for about 2 weeks now. I'm about to change that because I really feel lethargic and lazy and I don't like that feeling way so I'm going to bring it down to like 200 or 250 and making sure I have my protein at around 600 a day minimum and fats about 200 to 300. My body grows really well on high protein than high carbs!! Another thing I am going to focus on from here on is to eat much cleaner I been eating a lot of junk instead of quality meals and junk does not make you bigger; I mean it does but not the kinda of size you want lol!!


So 2 weekends ago I went out with my close friends IFBB Pro John Delarosa training partner Akim Williams, IFBB Pro Jillian Reville, IFBB Pro Katherine Ramirez, and top national competitor Melissa DiBernardo.. We went to train and after training we went to the cheesecake factory!! We had an awesome time that weekend!!


Now this weekend that past my daughter destiny spend the weekend with me we had a blast I took her to the NPC Easterns. She loves going to shows she has been to every single one of my show from the first to the last! I really had a good time, Steve Weinberger knows how to promote a show!! You had Ronnie Coleman, Kevin English, and Steve Kuclo guest posing!! I also got onstage with Steve Kuclo and hit a couple of poses!! Definitely can't wait for the New York Pro till I'm onstage with the new package I will bring!! I'm really focused in coming beyond what I brought onstage before!! I want that title @ the New York pro.. Well that's it for now!! This upcoming weekend I will be going to Nationals so I hope to see a lot of people out there!