It's that time for another pro qualifier. The 2013 IFBB North Americans will propel a few into the pro ranks and send home those that have to perfect their physiques even more. There's a good mix of veterans and newcomers to compete in the Gary Udit show. There'll be close to 900 competitors before crossovers which makes for a very busy weekend.

Lets take a look at some of the competition.

Akim Williams out of New York is a mountain of a man. However his condition is a constant question mark. Akim has all the mass needed to be a bonafide contender in the super heavyweights. Akim brings a very full physique and very cartoonish muscle bellies that flow well together. However, Williams he has yet to bring that bone dry condition required for a definite win, and he will have to mind his midsection when he posing to maintain an aesthetic look.

Dusty Hanshaw is looking for a redemption and a clear cut victory en-route to an IFBB pro card.  The supplement store owner and iForce Nutrition athlete is looking to capitalize on a third place finish at the NPC USA's where Hamshaw brought a roundness in his physique we had yet seen. However, Hanshaw failed to bring the trademark condition he's known for on the bodybuilding stage. Still under the tutelage of Chris Aceto, Hanshaw is going to be a force on the posing dais this weekend.

Kevin Tomasini has been here before and he knows what it takes to stand next to the very best. Tomasini is a conditioning freak and has been know to show up striated. His prep this year has been especially inspired: With the loss of his grandmother and still trying to win a pro card for his friend (late IFBB pro Art Atwood) Tomasini is pulling out all the stops to be the last man standing in Pittsburgh.

Lukas Duncan last stood on the Pittsburgh stage for the NPC Teen Collegiate and Masters Nationals. Now at 188 lbs heavier (yes, you read that right), Dunkan is moving full force into the super heavyweights. Duncan's young, so he may still have lots to learn. Even if he doesn't place where Duncan would like, Duncan will find out where he needs to be in the future. Look out for this enigmatic young man to take flight this weekend.

Kevin Jordan is hoping to bounce back from a subpar showing at the 2012 NPC Nationals. The former Jr. Nationals heavyweight and overall winner has a fine flowing physique and has he can get into prime condition. With Chad Nicholls handling his prep, look for the German American Technologies athlete to step up to the plate and deliver what has been long predicted.

Pittsburgh's own Art Williams is making his return to the stage after winning Tim Gardner's NPC Tampa Extravaganza. Williams brings a crazy taper and ridiculous back double bicep. Though being a masters competitor, Williams will give the young bucks a run for their money. Williams muscle mass combined with his blue collar work ethic may catapult him to the top. The one thing however that may hold him back is his lack of conditioning.

Rob Kreider is making his way back to the national level and has made no bones about it that he's taking no prisoners at this year's North Americans. The HIT trainer is coming with a retooled physique that was honed by Dave Kalick. Kreider brings hardness, good shape, lots of muscle and a crazy attitude that's borderline sadomasochistic to the stage. His motto is "Dream, Believe and Achieve" and the personal trainer by profession is hoping his motto will net him pro status.

Jeff McCray of Lincoln, Nebraska is bringing his talents to the North Americans stage. The basson instructor and symphony player is coming to Pittsburgh under the guidance of Colorado's Dylan Armbrust. Bringing rock hard condition, look for this former Jr. USA finalist to make a name for himself.

Once again, Gary Udit has put together a phenomenal contest with a huge turnout. And as usual, Flex Magazine will provide all that you need to get you up to date. So follow us on twitter at @flex_magazine and find us on Flex Magazine's Facebook for the latest.

2013 IFBB North Americans

2013 IFBB North Americans

Close to 1,000 competitiors vying for a pro card