At 43, Haitian-born Floridian Dayana Cadeau shows no signs of slowing down. The winner of the lightweight class in the 2004 Ms. Olympia was sixth in the recent Ms. International, her 26th pro show over 13 years.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, Cadeau believes free-weight basics are the key to transforming your physique. She outlines her training philosophy and deals a delt-destroying routine to muscle up your shoulders.


“I think if women want to gain muscle they need to train that way. You can’t just do a lot of light sets on machines and ride the bike for an hour and expect to gain muscle. I don’t do a lot of sets for shoulders, but the sets I do are with dumbbells and barbells, and I pyramid the presses and side laterals up to heavy sets for eight reps. I don’t waste time in the gym. Whether you’re a guy or girl, use free weights and go as heavy as you can every workout. That’s the way you really change your physique.”


Seated dumbbell presses 4 15-8
Dumbbell side laterals 4 15-8
Dumbbell rear laterals 4 10
Upright rows 3 12