Big Ramy Trains Arms

The training techniques of Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay

Big Ramy Trains Arms

6 tools and techniques this bodybuilding sensation is applying to his weekly arm workouts to refine his triceps and biceps.

1: Moderation

Elssbiay does 12 sets each for triceps and biceps, and keeps most of his reps in the 10–12 range, going as high as 15 reps on the final sets for each muscle. He’s discovered that this moderate workload is best for his body. His also keeps his intensity at an average pace. When he pushes sets beyond failure, he typically does forced reps or dropsets.

2: Strict Form

The crucial thing for Ramy when working arms is to lock his elbow(s) in place from the first rep to the last. Cheating would allow him to hoist heavier weights, but it would also rob him of the control he wants to exert on his targeted muscles, and increase the odds of a strain or—worst yet—a tear.

3: Peak Contractions

To accentuate the shape of his muscles, Elssbiay places special focus on maximizing intra-rep tension. He tends to hold contractions for one or two seconds and flex as hard as possible. He also ends both his triceps and biceps work with exercises that allow him to accentuate this tension—rope pushdowns for tri’s, and rope curls for bi’s.

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