August 9, 2011


Women’s bodybuilding has suffered from a deficit of new talent in recent years. As the figure and bikini divisions exploded, the number of amateur females who struck lat spreads shrunk. Thus, the same names fill out the posedowns of IFBB Pro League women’s bodybuilding contests year after year. There are exceptions. One of the greatest is Sheila Bleck, who won the 2008 Nationals, used 2009 to beef up away from stages, and took the IFBB by storm last year with a fourth as a rookie in the Ms. Olympia. Here’s how Bleck built delts ready for the Ms. O posedown.


  • “My shoulder routine is designed to get my delts pumped to the max with higher reps and supersets.”
  • “Bent-over dumbbell reverse flyes are done with my arms bent at a 90-degree angle while my arms stay nearly straight for the bentover dumbbell rear laterals.”
  • “Rep totals are estimates. I stop at failure. I don’t count reps–I just go!”
  • “I’ll often do leg curls, crunches, shadow-boxing or splits between sets to keep my heart rate up, burning fuel. I don’t like stopping in the gym.”


Smith machine shoulder presses 5 12-15
Bent-over dumbbell rear laterals 3-4 12
    superset with
Bent-over dumbbell reverse flyes 3-4 12
Alternating dumbbell front raises 3-4 12-15
    superset with
Front raises with barbell plate 3-4 12-15
Dumbbell side laterals 3-4 12-15
    superset with
Cable side laterals 3-4 12-15