In September, Jay Cutler won his fourth Sandow and tied Ronnie Coleman’s record for most top-two finishes in the Mr. Olympia with nine. Two large reasons for Cutler’s remarkable run at or near the top of the bodybuilding world have been his quads. He was noted for his wheels as a teenage competitor, but, during his mid-career, injuries took their toll and quads were no longer the strength they had been (specifically, his right leg lagged). And yet, as he won his last two Olympia’s his legs were as full and cut as ever and once again were two key difference makers. Cutler explains what he changed.


“The biggest change in my workouts over the past couple years was lengthening my rest periods. I used to just rest 45 seconds, but now I rest two minutes, so I’m able to go heavier and harder. I left the calorie burning for the cardio. Another key difference was always having training partners who train as hard as I do. I rotated in different guys and trained in different gyms, all to keep that intensity up.”


Leg extensions 4 10
45-degree leg presses 3 15-20
Hack squats 3 8-10
Smith machine squats 4 8-10
Standing lunges 2 8 per leg