One Sandow, three Arnolds, one Show of Strength, six international Grand Prixs, a San Francisco Pro, and an Ironman. That’s Dexter Jackson’s collection of IFBB Pro League trophies, 13 in all, but, though he hasn’t added to it since his five-trophy year of 2008, he’s not through yet.

On February 19, Dex plans to add a fourteenth title, one no one else has: a FLEX Pro. As he prepped for the inaugural FLEX Pro, the Blade shared his thoughts on quad training and shared a typical quad routine.


  • “I typically train quads and hams separately. I’ll give quads their own workout and hit hams after shoulders.”
  • “I don’t go beyond parallel on squats. In the past, going too deep caused knee problems.”
  • “Supersetting leg extensions and lunges brings in the deep cuts in my thighs. Those hamstring and glute tie-ins and the deep, deep cuts on the sides of my thighs–that’s all from doing lunges.”
  • “Make sure you squeeze hard at the top of leg extensions.”


Leg extensions 4-5 20-30
Squats 4-5 10
Hack squats 4 8-10
Leg extensions 3 10
   superset with
Walking lunges 3 50 feet