Eduardo Correa's Chiseled Chest Routine


“I consider chest one of my strongest body parts. It’s a muscle group for me that combines size and volume with well- defined striations, especially in front lat spread and side chest poses,” says Brazilian 212 competitor Eduardo Correa.

That said, Correa doesn’t exactly ignore his pecs in the gym. He trains them twice a week with fairly high volume using a basic workout template like the one following—compound movements mixed with isolation exercises in the hypertrophy- friendly 10- to 15-rep range. Quality is key for Correa, who favors strict reps on machines versus piling plates on a bar to try and impress others with a big bench press. His featured chest workout is living proof of this, as only one of the four exercises involves free weights, and that free weight is only body weight.

Indeed, Eduardo Correa takes a cerebral approach to his training. Here, he shares a few more keen insights into developing pecs to their fullest.



Adjust the seat of a Hammer Strength incline press machine so that the handles are just outside your chest. Keep your feet flat on the floor and your back and head against the seat back. Grab the handles to assume a grip just outside shoulder width and start in the down position (elbows fully bent).


Press the weight up explosively but under control until your elbows are extended but not locked out. Slowly lower the handles back down to the start position, keeping constant tension on the pecs by not letting the weight rest on the rubber pads between reps.


“Avoid using the shoulders while pushing the weight; using a narrow hand placement may help you do this. Concentrate on the pec muscles to intensify the peak contraction.”


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